4A is Certified Climate Active

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is pleased to announce that we have been certified as a Climate Active carbon neutral organisation, set by the Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy. As a founding member of Climate Active, 4A is only the second arts organisation in NSW to be certified, along with the Sydney Opera House.

As one of the goals in 4A’s Sustainability Plan (2018-19), Climate Active certification has allowed our organisation to measure a base year of emissions, reduce these where possible, offset remaining emissions and set sustainable goals moving forward. 4A has committed to measuring our carbon footprint yearly, with external auditing to occur every three years to ensure goals and KPIs are addressed long term.

Undertaking the certification process has enabled 4A to identify the different areas our organisation could address to improve sustainability. Within our gallery building these include our electricity usage, freight, catering, waste-to-landfill, recycling, advertising, paper usage, printing and office IT. Beyond this we were able to understand the scope of carbon generated by our offsite programs including exhibitions, performances, symposiums, research trips, professional development opportunities, travel and accommodation for staff, artists, writers and professionals that we employ. Certification has engaged all 4A staff in collecting data to measure our carbon footprint and encouraged a working culture that is conscious of reducing this footprint where possible.

4A’s sustainability priorities are first and foremost to reduce energy consumption and waste that we can already identify, whilst approaching carbon offsetting as a last resort for the aspects of our footprint that we are working to reduce. In the 2018 calendar year, 4A produced a total of 138.9 tCO2-e. Our offset purchases were split equally three ways; Forests Alive (Tasmania), Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project (Central Kalimantan, Indonesia) and Dachunhe Sanji Hydropower (Yunnan Province, China). 4A chose these three offset projects to reflect our engagement across Australia and the wider Asia region.