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4A Kids connects kids with contemporary Asian and Asian Australian contemporary art, culture and ideas.

4A has commissioned contemporary artists to share new creative projects for you to try at home. Designed for 5-17 year olds but adaptable for all ages, the first 4A Kids Kit #1 features creative activities from Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Marikit Santiago, Rainbow Chan and Ida Lawrence. The second 4A Kids Kit #2 features even more fun activities from Amy Ge, Alana Hunt, Leyla Stevens and Louise Zhang. The third 4A Kids Kit #3, released in October 2020, features fun things to do from Nathan Beard, Freda Chiu and Shireen Taweel. The fourth 4A Kids Kit #4, released in July 2021, features zine making with Sweet and Sour Group. The fifth 4A Kids Kit #5, released in October 2021, features Kashif Nadim Chaudry‘s colourful, symmetrical patterns. Each activity has been created by the artist just for 4A Kids based on their own art and is perfect for at-home learning and fun.

If you would like to download the whole 4A Kids kit #1, #2, #3 or #4,  click through below – or scroll down to find each artist’s activity.

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Colourful Patterns with Kashif Nadim Chaudry – 4A KIDS!

This spring download is Kashif Nadim Chaudry’s 4A KIDS Kit ‘Colourful Patterns.’ As an artist living...

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Sharing Stories with Sweet and Sour – 4A KIDS!

This winter holidays download Sweet and Sour Group’s 4A KIDS Kit ‘Sharing Stories...

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Patterns and Colouring with Shireen Taweel – 4A KIDS!

Shireen Taweel is a multimedia installation artist whose work explores her cultural...

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Create a character with Freda Chiu!

Freda Chiu is a Sydney-based freelance illustrator and educator at The University...

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Flower Fingernail Dance with Nathan Beard – 4A KIDS!

Nathan Beard is a Perth-based artist who uses various mediums such as...

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Find-a-Word with Alana Hunt

Alana Hunt lives on Miriwoong country in the north-west of Australia and...

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Make Your Own Set of Semaphore Signals with Leyla Stevens

Leyla Stevens is an Australian-Balinese artist and researcher who makes artworks with...

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Spot the flowers and fish with Louise Zhang

Louise Zhang is a Chinese-Australian artist who makes paintings, sculptures and more....

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Make a Marine Scene with Amy Ge

Amy Ge is an illustrator and graphic designer who draws a lot...

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Isolation Appropriation! with Marikit Santiago – 4A Kids!

Marikit Santiago is an artist who lives in Western Sydney, where she makes artworks...

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Introduction to some animals with Abdul-Rahman Abdullah – 4A Kids!

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah is an artist who lives in Western Australia and makes...

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(ALMOST!) BATIK ART ACTIVITY with Ida Lawrence – 4A Kids!

Ida Lawrence is a visual artist who weaves stories through her art...

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Word Histories and Futures with Chun Yin Rainbow Chan – 4A Kids!

  Chun Yin Rainbow Chan is a vocalist, producer and multi-disciplinary artist,...

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In 2020, 4A Kids is: