4A Papers

4A Papers is an online journal that captures the currency of ideas and movements in Australia and the Asia region. From critical essays, reviews and dialogues, to hypertexts, travelogues, and autotheory, 4A Papers chronicles the cultural transformers of our time. Established in 2016, 4A Papers published issues twice a year until 2020. The journal enters a new format in 2021 to mark its tenth issue – released 5 October. Join our mailing list to get the latest news on all things 4A.

Papers Issue 10


Issue 8, May 2020

4A Papers Issue 8, May 2020 – Wansolwara: One Salt Water In...

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Issue 7, November 2019

Letter from the Editor   Save your breath It’s smoky out. Walking...

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Issue 6, May 2019

Letter from the Editor   Temporary loss of information The wheel of...

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Issue 5, November 2018

Letter from the Editor   Back to zero To chase one’s tail...

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Issue 4, May 2018

Letter from the Editor   Deliver on your promises It’s good advice,...

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Issue 3, November 2017

Letter from the Editor   Something happened  Something is always happening. Somewhere,...

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Issue 2, May 2017

Letter from the Editor   It’s always good to have options If...

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Issue 1, November 2016

Letter from the Editor   I would prefer not to Presumably, dear...

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