4A Digital

In 2021, 4A Digital  will explore digital identity, virtual realms, and the depths of cyberspace.

Screens hold a space between our embodied experience and the infinity of digital space. As both medium and mediator, screens have become the primary gateway to cultural exploration and the dissemination of information. Within the restrictive borders of our devices artists, programmers and authors have learned to expand our virtual experiences as a method of creative practice and self discovery. Can we use the screen to encircle the experience of others, or will we get lost in the endless depths of cyberspace?

Throughout the year, 4A Digital seeks to explore 3D identity, virtual realms, and the limits of digital space. Artists working in interactive creative code, audio visual experiences and 3D animation will create immersive projects delving into personal and shared journeys while pushing the boundaries of how we interact with online environments.

4A’s Curatorial Assistant for 2021 is Marco Rinaldi. Working closely with Con Gerakaris at 4A, Rinaldi will devise and deliver new commissions as part of the 4A Digital Digital Curatorship. The 4A Curatorial Assistant Program is supported by the Sally Breen Family Foundation.


ASMR | ENDLESS BUTTERFLY KISSES is a generative ASMR experience in which 15...

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Rel Pham: Electric Dirge

A thousand blades slice through the air, their cacophony reverberating around the...

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Alvin Ruiyuan Zhong: Wish

Wish is an interactive audiovisual website which emulates the experiences of yearning...

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Janey Li: Sail, Sail, for a Shared Myth

Sail, Sail, for a Shared Myth is a generative text work that...

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Jesse Vega: Reformat your nature

Reformat your nature practices cultural wellness through virtual oases: Inspired by the...

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Callum Howard: Scroll to continue

Scroll to continue is a response to Optic by Craig Stubbs-Race and...

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Jane Fan: Cybermancy 2

Cybermancy 2 is an interactive webcam experience based on Chinese face reading, an...

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Marcus Whale and Craig Stubbs-Race: Optic

To open our 2021 program, we would like to explore how much...

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